About Tschools

Who we are

The Telangana Schools Portal is an open, web-based platform for sharing Schools Resources in State among educators, students, school managements and parents .

The Telangana Schools Portal is a section under the India Schools Portal, an open, inclusive, web-based platform, for sharing Schools knowledge amongst practitioners and the general public.

What we do

We are here to Provide the information of Schools in your Locality like (Area , District) with their Standards and Values .We Provide Reliable information of Events ,Cultural Activities , Academic Calendars and holiday information of Schools in Telangana Schools Portal.

What we hope

The essence of The Telangana Schools Portal is sharing the information . It is created in a spirit of sharing and openness by a wide range of partners including educators, students, Parents and others. The portal therefore looks forward to contributions from all interested Schools in this journey.

Why your school needs a website?

School Web Design

School web design can utilize the Internet as a powerful communication tool. We use a system that is ideal for the school environment and is very easy to use. We recommend great and easy to use tools to get the most of your website. School can have their own website area to display class work very quickly and easily.

Keeping Parents Informed

The school's website can be used for keeping parents/careers up to date with what is happening within the school community. The school website may be used to publish all the necessary forms for things such as fees, excursions, back to school information etc

Marketing Tool - Bridging the Distance

The school website will save time, money and effort when you create a school website you can be proud of. Active's intuitive and easy-to-master school website software lets anyone become an accomplished web designer. Bring web creation in-house and save a bundle. Active can show you how!

Website Software can help you

  • Create an engaging , beautiful and fun web portal that represents your school exactly the way you want.
  • Streamline creation , Maintenance and growth with one easy-to-use technology with word-like editing tools.
  • Automate workflow and approval for a simple and direct management experience.
  • Setup a school website today.. Now a days Web Advantage has became essential.

  • Academic Quality – Because of a philosophical approach that strives for innovation, excellence and the freedom to pursue the most progressive approaches to learning.
  • Personalized Approach – Involvement of parents as partners in education with our schools, mean close, individualized attention for each student, resulting in better outcomes.
  • Top Quality Teachers-This dynamic environment attracts the best teachers who are passionate about education and take great pride in seeing their students thrive.
  • Latest Technology-The support helps these schools employ the most cutting edge technologies that are, after teachers, the most important weapon in the arsenal of education today. Technology is the enabler of vast learning, and literacy in this area is a fundamental driver of success in a knowledge economy.
  • Parent Participation-Parents are welcomed into the school and help create a sense of 360 degree support for each child.
  • Post-Secondary Success-Students can help beyond high school by a caring network of alumni and teachers who remain in contact and supportive of each student’s pursuits as they move through university and beyond.

  • Possible functions of a school website include

  • Directing visitors to other resources on the web
  • Providing a forum for teachers, administrators, students, and parents to exchange information such as news and calendars of events
  • Introducing people who don't know much about the school (such as parent or students who are considering moving into the district, community members who don't have children, and teachers seeking employment) to its current events and general culture
  • Showing that a school is excellent with regard to sciences and new media in comparison to competitive schools
  • Providing a platform for internal school learning activities
  • Displaying school curriculum and courses
  • Providing staff and students with an entrance and front-end to documents and resources hosted locally
  • Creating and showing in public a 'corporate identity'.