About Techace

TECHACE is a privately owned company focussing on providing IT consulting services, offshore web development and software development, re-engineering solutions and ready-to-deploy business applications for a number of industries including e-commerce, banking and finance, Medicine, Healthcare, Aviation & manufacturing.

Application Support

Although all the focus and intellectual effort of many organisations is to build a new system to overcome some business problem or need, they sometime forget the equally large support costs.

Bussiness Analysis

In many cases before Client decides to use outsourcing company for solution development they need to formalize vision & requirements for the future system.

IT Consulting

In today's fast-paced and rapidly changing Information Technology environment, the appropriate use of technology and strategic business planning solutions tailored to your business needs and objectives is the key to your success.

Web Technologies

The use of the Web for achieving business success depends not only on the creation of stimulating and valuable information, but also on the speed, efficiency and convenient delivery of this information to the Web customer.